Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday


He waters the mountains from his upper chambers;
the earth is satisfied by the fruit of his work. ---Psalm 104:13

I took this picture on an adventure we went on one day. I hope you enjoy!

In Christ,



what an amazing view! and it fits so well with the verse!

God Bless!
(and I've got you on the blog roll now! )


Thank you very much! I really enjoy living where I do, gorgeous views everywhere you look!

God bless you! And thank you for adding me to the blog roll! :)

In Christ,

ellen b

Beautiful hike, great photo, and a wonderful verse to go with it. Blessings...


Such an awesome picture and verse.


That looks like an adventure I would like to go on someday. Beautiful picture!


W0w! What a gorgeous picture with an equally beautiful scripture.


Ellen, There is actually a restaurant back a ways from that view. So we can drive up there, however, we did do some hiking as there were some Mountain Goats up there too. I got some pretty close up pictures of them!

Denise, Thank you :)

Jenelle, Thank you! It is definitely gorgeous here in UT.

Melanie, Thank you :)

And thank you to ALL of you for stopping by!

In Christ,

Lana G!

That is wonderful and goes perfectly with the verse!!

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