Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Seven

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From: Sunday Seven: 52nd Edition

As we welcome a beautiful Mother's Day weekend, we invite you to end this week and begin the next by --

Telling 7 memories of your mother;
Telling 7 qualities you admire about your mother;
Listing 7 reasons you are glad to BE a mother; or
Making 7 ways in which you plan to be a better mother than you have been in the past.

I have been so blessed by my mother, as a child, growing up, and now as a mother myself.
My mother has always been a wonderfully giving person. Giving of herself to help her family, friends and others, and also giving of things that someone may need at the time.
She was also a stay-at-home Mom majority of the time us kids were growing up. Which I definitely believe was the main reason the three of us turned out the way we did.
My mom was always there for us, no matter what. And still to this day, is.
My mom worked hard to make a loving and wonderful home that we all lived in.
She also made sure we ALWAYS knew she loved us!
My mom always made sure we had everything we needed, and a lot of times wanted.
She wanted to make sure we had the best childhood my parents could give us, even sacrificing things they needed for us.
My mom has also carried this out in her grandchildrens' lives as well.
I have definitely been blessed to have my Mom!

Becoming a mother has also been a tremendous blessing to me.
I LOVE being a mother to my 8 1/2 year old son and my 3 year old daughter.
They teach me something new everyday! And I love showing them how to do something too!
The love to help mom and dad with anything and everything! Of course!
Watching them growing up these past few years has been so wonderful for me. To see who they are, and how they are literally blossoming before my eyes!
I honestly cannot imagine a more gratifying job in the world!
Being a stay-at-home Mom has definitely enhanced my life!
And to top it off, when I was little I couldn't figure out exactly WHAT I wanted to do as a job.....well, as most Mom's would agree with me, we do EVERYTHING imaginable!!!! LOL We are an accountant, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a chef, a baker, a gardener, a creator, a stretcher-of-the-money, a custodian, a banker, a librarian, a commander-in-chief, a keeper of the peace, and MANY, MANY more!!! And I LOVE it!!!!

I hope each and every one of you Mom's have a WONDERFUL day, spending time with the ones you love most, and the ones that love YOU most!

In Christ,


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