Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Treasure Tuesday


Over the course of the last couple weeks I have given quite a few things away as I'm spring cleaning, decluttering and just plain getting rid of things.
I had a gal who lives about a half-hour away from me take Princess's crib, that was a 3 in 1. It was first a crib, then a daybed (for a toddler), and then a full size headboard. Well, Princess no longer sleeps in it as she has a twin size bed in her room, so ALL it was doing was taking up space. I had thought of maybe using the headboard somehow, but let's face it, her room was NOT and is NOT big enough for a full size bed! She also took a few toys that I had confiscated through my cleaning efforts of Princess's room, and later took 3 1/2 bags of clothes and a brand new Sesame Street Umbrella stroller that we had maybe used twice.
I also have given away an end table that I don't need anymore, a kids' recliner that was kind of broke, but still worked as far as sitting in it goes. ALL of this stuff is just MORE than my house can handle right now! Bub was a little upset to give up his recliner, but let's look at this. He's 8 1/2 years old, doesn't sit in it anymore, and ALL it did was take up room! So after telling him I'd either buy him another one or figure something else out when we get a new house, he was perfectly fine with getting rid of it!
I truly hope that the things I have gotten rid of in the past couple weeks blesses someone else, they way they have blessed me in the past!

I hope everyone is truly blessed today, blessing someone else!

In Christ,


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