Wednesday, May 7, 2008

'Doesn't' Work for me Wednesday

Wow, what doesn't work for me? Now, I definitely don't say that in a 'everything works for ME' type tone. To be honest, I was all excited to say what DOES work for me.....but that's alright, life is ALL about change, right?
So, let's think here, what doesn't work for me is working on one single project until it's finished. I have to have a bajillion projects going on at the same time, as I tend to get bored working on ONE thing.
What doesn't work for me is doing things weeks in advance....which is definitely something I need to change. Because I'm a procrastinator....but this is a what 'doesn't' work for me post, right?!?! So that fits! LOL
What doesn't work for me are school districts changing the school boundaries every freakin' year, and then TWICE this year. So not only will my son be going to a different school next year, there is not a dang thing I can do about it! Which DOES NOT work for me!
What doesn't for me is laziness. That being said the last couple years I've basically tried to do what I absolutely HAD to do, not actually trying to bless my family. Which is so wrong, and so not satisfying. So, laziness does not work for me. The Lord has definitely been working on my heart with this.
And lastly for this week, what doesn't work for me is living IN a town. I would much rather live OUTSIDE of town. There are just too many things I want to do for my family, and without the space, it's just not possible.
So, I guess this wasn't a WHOLE lot of what doesn't work for me, but at least it's a start. I look forward to this next week, and I'll be thinking during the week about this as well, so hopefully I'll have some interesting ones!

I hope you ALL have a wonderful day!

In Christ,


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