Monday, September 8, 2008

Miracle Monday

My son Bub, has had a few problems since starting school. I should have held him back in kindergarten, but decided to send him to first grade instead. There were a LOT of people who came my way, I believe angels sent by God to let me know that it was a mistake, but I chose not to listen.
We did have struggles we had to overcome, but most importantly, I had to realize he was not exactly ready to be in first grade. Summer came and summer went, and on the first day of school not only did Bub go, but so did I and my honey. We needed to figure out what would be the best thing for Bub. Hold him back for another year of first grade, or move him onto second grade. After hours of asking questions, reiterating answers/questions, voicing concerns and worries, I finally elected to hold him back in first grade. A weight was lifted off of myself when I spoke those words. I just prayed and hoped that I had made the right decision.
He flew through first grade, the second time. He grew in so many ways I couldn't even describe most of them. But more importantly his self-confidence grew and he KNEW that he could REALLY do it!
Now this year, he is in second grade. And doing wonderfully! No issues, no problems focusing. No LACK of confidence. He is doing great, has made tons of friends, can sit down and do his work when asked and has a TON of confidence. For a mother, isn't that ALL we want? Our children to succeed in life? Of course! Sometimes, we need to remember who exactly is in charge. So we don't have to have a thump on the head!

Have a wonderful and blessed day in Him!

In Christ,


Beth (A Mom's Life)

I am so glad your son is doing well now!

Sometimes we just don't want to listen to the angels God sends us. I'm so glad you were able to get your son back on track!

Motherhood is so hard...but oh, so worth it!


Thank you Beth! I too, am extremely excited that he is doing so well!

I wish I didn't learn so difficult sometimes, but a good thump on the head can always straighten us out! Praise God! He loves us enough to do it!

I agree with you, mothering is definitely not easy, but it is DEFINITELY worth it!

Thanks for stopping by!

In Christ,


Precious Audie,

I'm so happy for you! I know how you feel, been there done that with many, many different mistakes...but hindsight is always 20/20, not so much for foresight sometimes. HA! But the more we grow in Christ, the clearer our vision becomes.

Hey girl, I got "tagged" so I tagged all the Bible Study sisters so we can study together and play together too!

Bless you sweet sister!


Okay, I'm not very good at this and I did this this to the first sister I tagged. I forget to leave you the link:



Hello sweet Audie!

Just wanted to let you know that I answered your question re: the text box on my blog. It's not really a text box, it's actually something called a "blockquote" it's what happens when you use the "quotation" editing tool when you're posting.

Go to the comment area on the same post you asked the question and you'll see the link and instructions on how to do it.

If you still have question, don't hesitate to ask! I'm here for ya girl! :-)

With much love in Christ,


Thanks for writing this...I'm going through this exact thing with my oldest son right now. They want to send him back but I'm struggling with it. Notice I said "I'm" struggling. He's a 1st grader! He doesn't care in the least!
My DH and I have been praying about this and we're trying to have faith to trust that God has his best in mind. I struggled through school myself because I wasn't ready, so why is this such a hard choice?
I want him to succeed, so regardless of what I think or feel, I need to follow God's heart on this one! : ) Thanks for encouraging me to listen to those angels that come my way!


I'm a former Kindergarten teacher who has been talking through this issue with a dear friend. I sent her your post as an encouragement. Thanks for sharing so openly.


I understand your thoughts exactly! It was indeed, 'me' as well. You'll know what to do for him, it sounds like you already do though! :)
Praise God for the angels that are sent our way!
I'll be praying for you and your son!

In Christ,


I don't know about you but parenting is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. Sounds like you made the right move for your son!

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