Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

I've been tagged by Sunny over at A Damsel No Longer in Distress.
I'm also very new at being tagged, this is my first 'tagging'! So I guess, like Sunny, I'll post the guidelines first:

1. Post eight random facts/habits about yourself. Choose eight others to "tag", and include the guidelines in your post.
2. Let your "taggees" know that they've been tagged!
3. Enjoy learning more about your cyber-sisters/brothers.

Okay, so now I have to post 8 random facts or habits about myself.....to be honest I think I'm pretty boring too, but I told Sunny I would participate so here we go!

1. I LOVE coffee! I can drink 2, possibly 3 pots of coffee on any given day!
2. I love to research just about anything.
3. I love to bake, especially in the fall!
4. I am definitely an old fashioned person....ie: I love to crochet, garden, crafts, etc.
5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my 2 children and husband! They are the 'bestest' in the world!!!
6. I am definitely new to blogging, but am SO enjoying it!
7. I have kept tropical fish for 10+ years.
8. I have no brain anymore. If I don't write things in my new 'brain', hence my HUGE planner, I won't remember a darn thing! (It took a vacation when I got pregnant with my kids, and this last time, NEVER came back!!!! :) )

I warned ya! LOL Pretty boring, aren't I?!?!

And the "taggee's" that I have tagged are as follows!

Bethany @ Happy to be called Mommy!
Nina @ Mamas*Little*Treasures
Laurie Ann @ A Magnolia's Heart Beats
Rebecca @ Oceans From the Rain
Rhonda Jean @ down---to---earth
Island Queen @ Sandcastle Momma
Octamom @ OCTAMOM (c)
Debra @ Days of Grace

I LOVE reading each one of these blogs! There are many blogs that I frequent from time to time, and many others I could tag, but these have brought me so much joy in the last few days. So pop on over and say 'hi'!

In Christ,



Hey There!
Thanks for the tag! I'll be posting my responses soon and will link back! You and I have several common interests--and the coffee consumption one is definitely tops! I have those mornings I scare myself a bit---I circle back to the pot to pour myself yet another cup and discover that I've already blown through one pot of coffee already! Yikes!

Thanks for the fun tag! Enjoying perusing your blog! And thanks for coming over to my 'place'!


WOW sister! And I thought I liked coffee!! You go girl!

And hey, I'm with you about the no brain thing, I a bit leaks out with every kid. :-) Which is great b/c it makes me a lot calmer! HA!!

Thanks for playing with me! It was fun!

Bless ya sister!

A Gracious Home

I'm new at blogging also and I too enjoy it. I'm enjoying meeting Christian women and finding out things we have in common. I enjoy researching everything also. In Bible studies that is what I'm known for. If I don't know something I will research it to death. We share a love of God and family. I have never watched any of the tv programs you watch. I am enjoying your blog and will be praying for the requests. God bless you,Doylene

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