Sunday, January 6, 2008

Prescription for Hope

A page from "Voices of the Faithful" by Beth Moore (A book of Devotionals)

Prescription for Hope

A girl around 7 years old came to a medical clinic we sponsored with the help of a volunteer team from Spartanburg, South Carolina. We found out that her father was an alcoholic who mistreated her mother and her siblings. Most of the time, this little girl was left alone in the house to do all the chores and take care of her brothers and sister. After she had shared these things, she asked, "Do you have any pills that would give me hope?"

So many people run short of hope and wonder how they can continue. It would be marvelous if there were a quick fix for hopeless lives. We were able to tell the little girl that Someone could give her hope. Jesus Christ could share the heavy burdens that she carried. Cheeks were wet with tears as we lovingly put her in touch with the One who truly does offer hope when our way is too hard and our load is too great.

We as Christians should be a people of hope. We often encounter desperate people, and sometimes we despair. In the dark times, we need to embrace faith in our Lord in order to restore hope in our road-weary souls. Faith really is "the assurance of things hoped for." And what do we hope for? Love, forgiveness, relationship and God's sustaining grace can see us through, no matter how hard the road is before us.

Running a little short of hope today? Celebrate your faith and embrace hope! Not only that--give some away to others.

-Lily, Middle America and The Caribbean

*I have just started reading this devotional, as I received it from "J" for Christmas.....what a beautiful and truly amazing book. Living Proof Ministries' Beth Moore has compiled these devotionals from the Missionary groups she has been privileged to work with through the years. If you have seen this book in the store and have thought twice about buying it, I DEFINITELY recommend getting it!!!!!


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