Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daily Bible Reading.....

I visited a blog today called 'Guidance for Victory'. (click on the link to view, or on my lists of 'Blogs I enjoy reading')
Jen, who I believe writes the blog, has a list that she created for 'Reading the Bible in 90 Days'! Amazing! When I read that, I felt very deeply to be a part of this as well. Since keeping our bodies filled with the Word daily is a very important thing! Being closer to Him makes everything so wonderful!
So I've decided tomorrow morning, is when I will start the 'Reading the Bible in 90 Days'. If anyone would like to join me, leave a comment! :)
Oh, and here's the link for the list...... 'Reading the Bible in 90 Days'



Hi Audie! Jen here, and I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and are going to join me on the 90 day bible reading journey. I have found it to be great so far. I just finished Exodus 2, and went to post an overview of today's readings. I'm seeing things relational to one another that I haven't seen in a long time. So welcome aboard, and jump in with your feedback or comments on the reading when you can. I would love to dialog with you about the readings, and have you to keep me accountable too!
I read through your entire blog, and I love it! I'm so new to this, but learning a bit more every time I'm on the web. Your kids are adorable, and I love the outdoor decorations you made. Oh, and the deer that you drew is awesome! I've got to do some research on that dryer thingie, because it would be great to have here.
Again, thanks for stopping in, and deciding to get in the Word. I'll be visiting you again soon!

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