Monday, December 31, 2007


One of my newest passions that I've discovered this year is drawing. Now, I'm not the best draw'er, but I've been reading and looking at tutorials on the web where I've actually started being able to look at objects and see the lines that make them up.
The first time I was actually able to sit down and draw something was when "J" and the kids and I made a trip back to S.D. for my aunts' funeral. I felt compelled to do a drawing of my aunt and uncle together, which was strange for me because my sister is the artistic person in the family. My cousin, my aunt's only daughter, had asked "A" to make a picture that they could put at the funeral home during the funeral. And for some reason I kept getting this image in my head of a drawing. I thought possibly it was what my sister was going to do, but when she started drawing, I knew it wasn't her. So I asked for a sheet of drawing paper, found some pencils and starting drawing. Unknowingly, in that time frame, I also discovered my brother can draw!!!
I've never really drawn anything that actually resembled that actual 0bject I was intending to draw, but the Lord took my hand and guided it, as only He can. It turned out beautiful, and I was only hoping it would bless my aunt's family. (Husband, daughter and 2 sons)
I delivered the picture the night before "J", the kids and myself were leaving and said our goodbyes.
I haven't really completed any drawings since that one, which was a few months ago, but I've piddled around with different subjects.
However, I got this strong desire to draw a Buck deer for Christmas. As I started drawing it, I thought it was for my SIL's hubby, so I decided to call her. When I got done talking to her, I discovered it wasn't for him. Then I thought of my FIL and no, it wasn't for him. Lo and behold, it was actually for my hubby!!!! When things come together without a struggle, I know the Lord is before me, and this project was certainly coming together!
"J" had Christmas Eve and Christmas day off, and I started this drawing the I knew there was no way I was going to get it finished without him seeing it. So I decided to tell him it was for his dad. I completed it, framed it and gave it to him on Christmas day! It was a very special moment for us because when he opened it, the look on his face was PRICELESS!!!! I will never forget that look as long as I live. He told me later when we were alone that that was the best present he has gotten. Praise God for the smallest blessings~!!!!!

I thought I'd share a picture of it with ya'll!!!!

As I've walked past this picture a couple thousand times, I've figured out lines, shading, and highlighting that I should have done different, as I said before I'm not the best draw'er. However, "J" told me to leave it alone. So, oh well. I guess it's for another time!!!! :)


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